Welcome back, Trent Alexander-Arnold! 🙌

Welcome back, Trent Alexander-Arnold! 🙌

Back from World Cup duty, Trent Alexander Arnold caught up with some familiar faces…and some new ones too. 👋

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  1. Haha Manè “your still young you don’t need extra holiday” haha

  2. The look on clynes face “oh he’s back, looks like I’m back on the bench”.

  3. The bond between our players is something special

  4. i always remember that post. we are going to kiev, hahahaha, Liverpool loosers

  5. I don’t support Liverpool but i enjoy the chemistry between the players

  6. Good to see him back as well. Hello Mane’! Thank you for the picture with my son and his birthday wish! I also received a Klopp hug. Be still my heart! 🙂 He is so nice! Such a pleasure being a fan of such great group (family).

  7. The love between our rightback and leftback is so much more than the love Mourinho can ever give to his bus.

  8. Ok welcome… Let me introduce the new guys to you… They are keita ,fabinho,becker and this #10 Mane

  9. Over whelming thing I noticed was that apart from 1st greeting every player was going out to training with their phone …..

  10. Such a happy looking squad in comparison to others , not mentioning any names..

  11. Got some serious right backs at the club. Camacho has impressed in pre season. Clyne and TTA got some good competition

  12. Trent and Robbo, them full backs 😍

  13. What a stark contrast to miserable Maureen over at old Trafford lol

  14. love that klopp hug. I could do with them on my life.

  15. The harmony in the squad is just 👌🏽

  16. Robbo’s first words: “That’s a shockin’ barnet, that”!

  17. Mane ” you still young you should enjoy your holiday.😂😂

  18. I am also a good player please sign me Liverpool

  19. Look at that then look at Mourinho and his doom and gloom face no wonder the utd players or fans dont want him there good luck for the up and coming season boys Y N W A

  20. moaning mourinho, this is how you build a team, are you watching

  21. I really think this kid is quality in the making and what better people manager than Jurgen Klopp, if only our managers were like him instead of downtreading people with their little piece of authority.

  22. This kid is one of the Best youngsters in the worls

  23. That’s all I need to see in a bad day at work. My team laughing and cheering and Klopp’s hugs! My afternoon is better now.

  24. I love seeing how happy our guys are off the pitch. They’re always smiling and that’s down to Klopp. Love them all

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